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 Post-conference  field trip - Sardinia


The participation to the pre-conference and/or post-conference field trips is only restricted to those who registered to the Congress Variscan 2012.


Notes on the post-conference excursion through the Variscan section of Sardinia.

Duration: 3 days.

Number of participants: 32.

Costs: 200 euro/person (senior) or 150 euro/person (junior). The costs include all transports, the fees to enter the Asinara national Park, overnight stay and dinner in Nuoro between day2 and day3, breakfast of day3, the lunches. Overnight and dinner between day1 and day2 are not included.


Diatexite (Punta Bianca) Folded siltites. Sardinia foreland (Gonnesa)
Fracture pattern (Genna Mesa) Mine dump (Campo Pisano)


Day-1 (May 24)- Visit to the Asinara Island high-grade metamorphic complex: the migmatitic basement and its relationships with the high-strained phyllonitic belt hosting mafic boudins with eclogitic relic assemblages. The origin ad significance of the leptyno-amphibolitic complex of Pta Scorno and the Ordovician ortogneiss complex are two of the major issues that will be addressed to in the excursion. Departure from and arrival in Sassari.

Day-2 (May 25)- Anatomy of the Middle-Ordovician volcanic arc and deformation in the external Nappe zone: structural and geochronologic
relationships between the arc-related rocks and the "Sardic Unconformity" Departure from Sassari and overnight in Senorbi.

Day-3 (May 26)- The external Nappe zone, the fold and thrust belt and the infra-Ordovician angular unconformity (Sardic Phase). Departure from Senorbi and arrivals in Sassari late in the evening, end of the field trip. Upon request, we could have an optional stop at the Cagliari airport around 18:00.