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Taras Gerya (ETH Zurich):  Thermal and mechanical 2D and 3D models of delamination as an extreme heat source in collisional orogens

Gérard Stampfli (University of Lausanne): Paleogegographic reconstructions of Pangea formation

Nicolas Coltice (Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon): Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents: implications from Pangea breakup

Dominique Frizon de Lamotte (Cergy Pontoise, Paris): Geodynamics of Northern Gondwana (from Morocco to Oman) during the Upper Paleozoic

Gianreto Manatschal (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Strasbourg): Significance of orogenic collapse in pre-structuring the continental lithosphere and subsequent rifting: role of inheritance, granulites, and magmatic underplating.

Two distinguished lectures will be given in the recognition of research contribution to Variscan belt:

Jean Bernard Edel (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Strasbourg, France): Structure and geodynamic evolution of the Variscan belt during the Carboniferous derived from geophysical data.

Jurgen von Raumer (University of Fribourg, Switzerland): Pre-Mesozoic Alpine basements – their place in the European Paleozoic framework

Symposium: Late Carboniferous to Permian high temperature event in the Variscan belt

(Selection of proposed lectures – other lectures are welcomed)

José R. Martínez Catalán, Francisco J. Rubio Pascual, Alejandro Díez Montes, James E. Alcock, Rubén Díez Fernández, Juan Gómez Barreiro, Icaro Dias da Silva, Emilio González Clavijo, Puy Ayarza (University of Salamanca, Spain): The late Variscan HT/LP metamorphic event in the Iberian branch of the Variscides: Relationships with crustal thickening, nappe emplacement, orocline development, and crustal evolution

Michel Faure  (University of Orleans, France): Late Variscan crustal melting and tectonic setting of plutonism in French Massif Central and Massif Armoricain

Richard Scrivener (British Geological Survey, UK): Tectonic setting of Cornubian batholith and associated sedimentary basins evolution in SW England

Yoan Denele  and French Pyrenees group (University Toulouse, France): Time scale of gneiss dome formation and large-scale crustal flow: Variscan plutons and related gneiss domes in the French Pyrenees

Philippe Rossi (Bureau des Recherches Géologiques et Miniéres, Orleans, France): HT to UHT thermal event at the southern branch of European variscan belt

Vojtech Janousek and Czech Bohemian Massif team(Czech Geological Survey, Prague):  What drives remelting of thickened continental crust in the Bohemian massif?

Karel Schulmann and Reimar Seltmann (EOST, Strasbourg and CERCAMS, London):  Relative contribution of crustal accretion and magmatic recycling in the Central Asian orogenic Belt – an analogue to the European Variscan belt

Maria Iole Spalla, Anna Maria Marotta, Gisella Rebay , Davide Zanoni, Michele Zucali (University of Milano): The transition from Variscan collision to continental break up in the Alps: advices from the comparison between natural data and numerical model predictions.